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Office Moving Kit

This cost-effective office moving kit is designed for efficiency and protection. The pack contains 40 heavy duty double wall corrugated cardboard moving boxes (10 extra large, 10 large and 20 standard), 10 archive document boxes, 2 x 200m rolls bubblewrap, 6 x 66m rolls packing tape, 6 x 66m rolls printed fragile tape and a handheld tape dispenser. Heavy duty protection and bundling is provided by 6 rolls clear stretchwrap and a complete strapping kit with 800m poly strapping, a hand tensioner, a hand sealer and 300 seals.

£380.00 ex VAT
(£456.00 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 1,

Product Description

Our office moving packs are perfect for a time and cost-efficient office move! No need to buy moving boxes separately as this has all the equipment and packing boxes for moving you will need: (and you can always buy extra packing materials separately).

  • 20 18x18x12" heavy duty cardboard boxes
  • 10 24x18x18" large heavy duty moving boxes (multi-depth)
  • 10 24x24x24" extra large heavy duty cardboard cartons
  • 10 archive boxes
  • 2 rolls 600mm x 200m Aircap bubblewrap
  • 6 rolls brown packing tape
  • 6 rolls 'Fragile' tape
  • 1 handheld packing tape dispenser
  • 6 rolls clear stretchwrap
  • 1 complete strapping kit with 800m strapping (12mm), hand tensioner, hand sealer, 300 seals

Office relocation can be quite stressful for everyone in the company. Not only will you pack as quickly as you can to save time, you also have to make sure not a single document is forgotten. Our complete office moving kit caters specifically to an office move or storage needs as it features a comprehensive range of cardboard cartons and the perfect strong packaging materials to transport, cushion and protect your office documents, furniture, and other items. Additional items can be bought separately, including brown paper blankets for larger items.

These kits contain 50 heavy duty cardboard boxes, tape, bubblewrap, strapping equipment, stretch wrap, and other packing accessories to ensure the safety and protection of your office equipment.

The cardboard packing cartons in our office moving packs are made entirely of high-quality material to ensure strength and durability. Our archive moving boxes are ideal for holding all important paperwork, documents, receipts, manuals, and other files in your office. Both types of box are recyclable, reusable and easy to store being flat-packed.

For packing breakables, we provide generous quantities of air cushions, rolls of bubblewrap and ‘Fragile’ marking tape, quickly applied with the tape dispenser. Our strong brown packing tape tightly secures the packing boxes – and serves as a tamper-proof solution!

Our office kits also have stretch wrap, ideal for protecting furniture and wrapping awkward items, while to provide extra security and for bundling loads together, we include a strapping kit.

If you need to move a small office or just a single desk or workstation, take a look at our other moving packs.

All the packing materials in our office moving packs / kits are especially put together to give you ultimate convenience in your office move.


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