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Loose Fill for Void Fill and Cushioning

Void fill and cushioning packaging solutions are vital when shipping goods in parcels, particularly for cushioning an item prone to damage or simply to fill up excess spaces in your box or carton. Void fill is the ideal way to eliminate excess space in packages.

Each space filler product in our list is designed for specific item and packing requirements, protecting and cushioning goods in transit.

All our void fill packaging is clean, easy to use.

From packing delicate objects to those with irregular shapes and sizes, each of our lightweight and clean packaging void fills has its unique advantages and features that help prevent damage to your products while offering a superior presentation. Our space fillers keep the items in place whether on the move or in storage, ensuring their safety and protection.

Use our expanding foam packaging to custom-fit your products quickly and easily with void fill. Depending on the size, shape and fragility of your items, you can also choose from our small bubble wrap rolls (for general applications), large bubble wraps (for delicate items) and anti-static bubble rolls (for products sensitive to static electricity).

Low cost news print is ideal as space filler or wrapping, while polystyrene loose fill chips and vermiculite are free-flowing loose fills that mould perfectly to your products. Another excellent biodegradable void fill is FillPak kraft paper which can be converted into paper void fill with our FillPak TT machine.



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