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Adhesive Fragile Labels / Stickers

Use our highly visible adhesive fragile labels and warning labels to make sure your packages get the handling they require. These fragile handle with care stickers are permanent, self adhesive labels are supplied on a roll with either bold white text on a bright red background or on a white background with stand-out red text.

Ideal for house moves as well as parcel packing rooms, the printed adhesive labels come in two sizes to cater to most parcel sizes.
Simply peel and stick the fragile stickers on your boxes and packages to alert handlers to your special instructions.
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£37.50 ex VAT


(£45.00 inc VAT)
£45.00 ex VAT


(£54.00 inc VAT)

With our experience in the packaging and packing industry, we know how shipping labels can make a difference in securing the safety and quality of your packages, particularly those with fragile and breakable contents. Using labels to alert handlers to the need for special care can also reduce insurance premiums.

Our reliable ‘fragile’ stickers are specially designed to withstand handling and to make the packages stand out. These come in two sizes: the smaller with the word “FRAGILE” in white with a red background, while the larger size has additionally the words “Handle with Care” printed underneath.  We also have a wide range of alternative warning labels in stock too.
The high adhesion property of our “Fragile” shipping labels makes them easy to peel off the roll and stick to any clean and dry surface. The rolls are stored neatly and give you quick and convenient dispensing as they can be used as they are or in label dispensers.

Our printed sticky fragile adhesive labels and warning labels are perfect for mail rooms, warehouses, storage depots, house removals and domestic use ­– in fact any occasion where you are packaging items such as chinaware or computer and electrical goods. Stick the fragile labels on our postal boxes or on our single-wall and double-wall corrugated cartons to keep your valuables in top quality.



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