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Glue and Glue Guns

We have glue guns, glue gun sticks and glue gun slugs especially made to provide solution to a wide range of domestic, office, and industry sealing needs. Producing seals that are strong yet invisible, the glue gun sticks and glue gun slugs with the use of the hot melt glue gun are perfect for bonding many different objects, which include paper, ceramics, wood, plastic, and metal among other things.

Choose from our light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty hot melt glue guns to suit your needs and requirements. For the glue gun sticks, you can have them as brown general purpose, clear general purpose, and brown fast melting; you can also have the slugs as clear and brown general purpose and brown fast melting.
Our glue guns and glue gun sticks, and glue gun and glue gun slugs are the perfect pair to produce neat, strong, and tamper proof seals. Easy and economical to use, this packing sealing solution is perfect for office, school, home, and warehouse requirements as they instantly produce almost invisible bonds for a wide range of objects, such as paper, ceramics, metal, and wood.

The hot glue guns, which are suitable for the sticks and the slugs, come in three types: light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. Light duty hot melt glue guns are great for light craft work, such those in schools and homes as well as in the packing room. The medium duty hot melt glue guns on the other hand is ideal to use for light-medium volume industrial applications, while the heavy duty hot melt glue guns are suitable for heavy duty operations.

Our 12mm hot melt glue sticks also come in several varieties: brown fast melting and the brown and clear general purpose glue gun sticks. For the slugs, you can have them either clear or brown.

Use our glue guns, glue gun sticks, and glue gun slugs to professionally seal archive boxes or double wall corrugated boxes. They are cheap and very manageable.



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