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Edge Protectors – U Profile / Tulip-Shaped

These recyclable edge protectors for packaging and shipping are reliable, non-abrasive and easy to use. They are made of self-gripping tulip-shaped foam with a U channel profile.

Together with our foam corner protectors they give you complete edge protection around items liable to get chipped in shipping or storage. You can also use them as cushioning to prevent sharp-edged objects from damaging other items while on the move. Perfect for furniture, pictures, glass and mirrors, our edge protectors conform easily to the shape of the product.

They are the quick no-mess alternative to bubble-film and paper wrapping. Our furniture edge protectors are clean, light and odour-free, making them pleasant to handle, and are strong enough to reuse.
All prices are ex VAT
Code Size Pack 1+
5-15mm x 2m lengths (560 Metres Per Pack) 560 £201.60
£0.36 each
15-25mm x 2m lengths (320 Metres Per Pack) 320 £160.00
£0.50 each
25-35mm x 2m lengths (240 Metres Per Pack) 240 £172.80
£0.72 each
35-45mm x 2m lengths (180 Metres Per Pack) 180 £163.80
£0.91 each
45-60mm x 2m lengths (100 Metres Per Pack) 100 £124.00
£1.24 each
60-80mm x 2m lengths (80 Metres Per Pack) 80 £138.40
£1.73 each
80-100mm x 2m lengths (72 Metres Per Pack) 72 £186.48
£2.59 each
Our edge protectors are made of strong but flexible soft eco-friendly material with a closed-cell structure. They are supplied in 2m lengths that can be cut if required with a knife or scissors, in various dimensions and pack sizes and are both reusable and recyclable.
Much more time-efficient than traditional protective packaging solutions, these edge guards are simple to slot in place. They grip tightly, thanks to the strong lips of the U-design. Their resilience and adaptability allows you to shape them around your goods and use them again later. You can curve the edge strips around each corner too or else use our individual foam corner protectors, simply slipping them on and pushing them home before applying shrink wrap film.

Choose the profile size to fit your edge -  


  A B C D Metres Per Pack Lengths Per Pack
BLUEFOAM U15 5mm 15mm 30mm 7mm 560 280
BLUEFOAM U25 15mm 25mm 35mm 9mm 320 160
BLUEFOAM U35 25mm 35mm 43mm 11mm 240 120
BLUEFOAM U45 35mm 45mm 53mm 12mm 180 90
BLUEFOAM U60 45mm 60mm 64mm 14mm 100 50
BLUEFOAM U80 60mm 80mm 72mm 15mm 80 40
BLUEFOAM U100 80mm 100mm 72mm 15mm 72 36



Ideal as furniture edge protectors, this protection packaging is widely used as picture frame protectors and on glass and mirrors, doors, panels and worktops, metal sheeting and electrical goods. It is strong and non-abrasive so can be safely applied to delicate antiques. Hygienic and odour-free, it is ideal for carrying sheets of glass safely.

Our edge protectors are the modern and cost-effective way to safeguard hard-edged items from sustaining or inflicting damage during shipping or storage.  




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